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Learn more about the iFanORB LED 3D hologram display dome and how it can transform your home or business.

When you buy an iFanORB™, you’re making an investment in quality time with your family, in sharing the joy of special occasions (like holidays, birthdays and anniversaries) with friends and neighbors, or in getting your marketing messages across.


If a holiday or other event matters to you, tell the world all about it with an iFanORB in your home, on your front door, garage door or in your garden. Light up your neighborhood and spread a little joy with easily interchangeable content for every occasion.

Make every family occasion even more special with themed hologram animations - investing in an iFanORB tells everyone who passes by that you’re serious about having fun!


Got something to sell? With iFanORB, customers won’t be able to miss your branding and advertising whether at your premises or set alongside busy transit routes.

Multiple iFanORBs can be networked to display the same message at more than one location, or you can tailor the content to show different displays on each of your units.


Use iFanORB to inform or entertain patrons in settings as diverse as malls, schools and hospitals – directions, welcome messages and public health and safety messaging can all be displayed in ways that can’t be ignored.

3D holograms can be a fun way to get a serious message across, and will appeal to visitors of all ages.


Because you can use it over and over again for a variety of events/occasions and by being able to upload current content, the iFanORB™ becomes a Gr8 investment.


Here’s why you need one:  


  • Semi-Weatherproof – ideal for indoor or outdoor use

  • Bright - Pops irrespective of ambient light levels

  • High-res display – 1024 x 1024 dpi

  • Eye-catching – bright display (irrespective of ambient light) - can be seen from all angles, day or night

  • Bold – 28” internal diameter for maximum content

  • Adjustable – change the display angle for maximum impact

  • Lightweight – less than 20lb

  • Connected – upload, manage and change your display from your phone

  • Versatile – display literally any 3D hologram content

  • Convenient – download content from our vast library of seasonal themes, or upload your own

  • 8GB of internal storage

  • Low running costs – LED lights use very little power

  • Plug & play – one-time set up and Wi-Fi connection

  • Ability to use open source content with the most popular designs

  • Download Content – buy from our library or content partners, or let us design custom content for you

  • Secure with registration– remote locking facility renders your iFanORB unusable if stolen

  • Re-usable for multiple occasions or events

  • Can be mounted on any flat surface such as doors, walls, trees etc. 

  • Completely mobile with the ability to purchase the iFanORB attachment and tripod

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